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Socialist countries according to Americans

Yougov measures (using sample and weighting to create something they claim to be representative) which countries Americans think are socialist. It may seem like an odd thing to measure, but the results are rather interesting:
Three thoughts:
  1. It is remarkable how the reputation of e.g. Sweden and Denmark lags compared to the actual development.
  2. Compared to democrats, Republicans seem to be much more correct in their ranking of countries .
  3. Democrats seem to confuse socialist countries with countries they like, which suggests they see socialism as something good - while the opposite seems to be the case for republicans.

The QoG-institute solves the causality problems for you by sorting variables into three neat categories...

The Quality of Government Institute has a really nice data visualization tool, similar to gapminder. It is really useful to get a quick look att cross country correlations, check for outliers, and to see how the pattern changes over time - and create scatter plots for lectures et cetera.

I was a bit surprised to see that all variables are accessed through one of three categories: definitions of "Quality of government (QoG)", causes of QoG and consequences of QoG.

Who needs identification strategies now?